Community Cemetery


The Misericordia brotherhood in Pontassieve has a community cemetery located in Via San Martino in Quona, equipped with vaults and ossuaries to welcome the body of their brother and those who ask for it. As is well-known, the cemetery plays a very important social role in the difficult process of mourning, allowing family members to have a point of reference, a sacred place to preserve the memory of their dear one. The idea of creating an autonomous space destined for burial was born in the Brotherhood in the early 1900’s. The site was chosen with great care: surrounded by fields where flowers spring up, facing south, the sun straight ahead, secluded enough to keep out noise. The first burials date back to the mid-30s. The municipal authorities of the time also reserved space for non-members, but the Brotherhood did more: during the Second World War the bodies of partisans, paratroopers and Italian anti-personnel soldiers, were located on the hills around Pontassieve; when the disaster with Eastern Europe was going to come, it was to be the home of our sons who would have died in Russia. In a beautiful Renaissance image, the Madonna is represented with open arms supporting a dome-shaped mantle under which everyone is protected. Well beneath that cloak there is also our cemetery where the history of what they were and what we are will be kept.

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