Ticket - New changes from 1 October 2014


As of October 1, 2014, changes to the self-certification band and invoice payment.

What are the changes?  

You will no longer be able to complete your self-certification when you receive specialist care or visit a pharmacy, and sign the receipt for the supply of the medication.  

With the move to the electronic receipts, the code of the certified payment band will already be present, from the Revenue Agency's and INPS's database, as reported by the prescribing physician. When the outpatient or pharmacy service is provided, this data can no longer be altered.  

What to do

It is advisable to check from now on and then annually that the code of your payment band range is present and correct. It will only be present if the economic band is more than €100,000. If the code is incorrect or does not appear, you will have to make a self-certification, valid annually, to avoid paying an incorrect amount. From October 1, 2014, if no code is present on the receipt, you will have to pay the invoice at the maximum rate.  

Verification and self-certification

You can check and self-certify your economic band with the Electronic Health Card enabled.

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