Funeral Services in Pontassieve

onoranze funebri

The work of Misericordia di Pontassieve was born in the 1960s out of the need to offer a funeral service at low prices with total respect for the deceased and their family who, especially in the early stages, need help and organizational support. Our team, who work shifts covering 24-hours and bank holidays, including with an emergency service, is capable of handling all services from the initial call to the funeral ceremony. The company operates throughout the province of Florence and Florence Sud.

Servizi funebri completi

  • We organise and manage all aspects of the funeral in order to release the family of the deceased from all logistical and practical tasks. We can draw up the necessary funeral documentation, with preparation of all permits and bureaucratic requirements, and then the funeral itself including, coffin transport using our pool of five funeral cars, transferring or receiving bodies, including from abroad, and floral arrangementsare made using the best suppliers in the area.  Our funeral staff are at your disposal to provide assistance at any time, including embalming.
  • Obituaries
  • Funeral posters
  • Condolence letters and advice
  • Funeral Acknowledgments

These are prepared according to the requests and needs of the deceased's family members. The Misericordia Brotherhood’s staff are available for editing and publishing obituaries and funeral announcements, assisting family members in writing words of mourning.

The Chapel

Next to our administrative and operational headquarters is the Social Chapel where the body and rest exposed in total respect for the family’s grief. Other Misericordia brotherhoods who do not have access to this kind of service have been using our support for many years with the privileged treatment reserved to our associates. In fact we work with the sisters of Rufina, Dicomano, Castagno d'Andrea and Varlungo in Florence. The Misericordia brotherhood in Pontassieve provides families with the opportunity to host and exhibit their relatives at the Social Chapel, located at the historic site of Via Vittorio Veneto, 2 / A

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