Health and Social  Care


The main activity of our Misericordia is undoubtedly health and social services. As far as health services are concerned, we have a fleet of ambulances contracted with ASL Firenze operating 24 hours, with Advanced Level Rescue teams, trained and authorized to practice defibrillation in cardiac emergencies and ready to respond competently to any other emergency. Coming to social services, the Brotherhood provides important support in the transportation of patients who need to undergo physical treatment, visits, discharge and check-up appointments. We use mobile units fully equipped and fully compliant with current regulations, which are also equipped for the transport of disabled and elderly people. In addition, we supply competent homeand hospital care, providing human and medical support indispensable for dealing calmly with any difficulty. Finally, our volunteers collaborate with various sports’ associations, including Pontassieve Calcio, with the commitment to ensure the smooth running of important sports events, by arranging service and logistics assistance.

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